Some of the things I currently do are chronicled here. I have recently begun tracking down Blackbirds (the plane), am crazy about doing a yearly pub crawl in Chicago with my friends, and find out how to do other fun things, like skiing and travelling.

Blackbird Watching

Over the last few years, I have begun to realize that I have been seeing Blackbirds (SR-71, A-12, M-21, and YF-12, D-21b) at several Air and Space museums when travelling with my wife (Lisa Spaceychick - www.spaceychick.com). I have, now begun to chronicle the Blackbirds (and one X-15, also black) that I have seen and track down the rest.


The Tavern Tour - The Pubcrawl

Since 1993, the last millenium, Lisa, Jim, Kevin, Imelda, Robin, Mike, Marty and assorted companions have celebrated the Tavern Tour downtown Chicago at Rush and Division bars. We have made almost all of them, only missing a couple of years. It's been alot of fun.


Pictures and other fun

Along the way, other things have happened. Lots of space-related stuff, world travel, knocking off all 50 USA States, skiing, and theme events. That's what's in this section. Other things stayed where they were without photo evidence.